Imagine ….a still, silent morning.  You climb into a wicker basket suspended beneath a colorful hot air balloon.You and your balloon pilot head for the heavens, looking down upon a valley in the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills.

After a final equipment check, you receive your cue . . . . . . . . the adrenalin starts to pump. You make you leap and suddenly,
you are diving, soaring, free-falling toward the earth ! ! !   The rush is incredible ! ! !   As you experience the exhilaration, the bungee ropes gradually slow your fall. Suddenly, you feel yourself rebounding upward and you realize that the initial descent was only the beginning of the thrill.

This fantastic sensation of flying upwards is a feeling unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Your flight begins to slow down, then, for just an instant, you are suspended motionless in the air. You begin to drop again, free-falling once more, still feeling the exhilaration you’ve known since you leapt from the balloon! The adventure continues as you rebound another 2 or 3 times, each time experiencing the excitement of bungee jumping.

Fellow Adventurer,

Bungee jumping is the ultimate thrill. You’ve marveled it on TV, you’ve wondered if it’s as incredible as it looks. Now is your opportunity to participate in this totally safe, yet unbelievably exhilarating adventure. We, at StL Bungy, want to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The combination of a pleasant balloon ride and a thrilling bungee jump will give you a feeling which will remain with you forever.

Gary Ross, Jumpmaster
StL Bungy Inc


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